Nico's Journey Back to Health

Recovery from decade-old pain related to: Repetitive Strain Injury from typing, rotator cuff injury, soccer-related knee pain, lower back pain from weightlifting, and Achilles tendonitis.

Austin's Recovery from
Eye Pain, Dry Eye Syndrome, and Migraines

"I came to Helen because I had severe chronic eye pain from the condition which caused my blindness. She helped me to think about my pain in a whole new way in just eleven hours of work over six sessions. We went all the way back to my childhood and teenage years, but the process felt surprisingly gentle and very focused. Not only did I eliminate my eye pain, I also got rid of my intense headaches, which I hadn't even considered. The severe dryness in both of my eyes also resolved (which used to require eyedrops every hour, and my ophthalmologist said there was nothing else he could do). It goes beyond getting rid of pain. Now I can see the emotional patterns that are related to my pain, effectively manage my stress and anger, and live the life I deserve."

- Austin from Philadelphia, PA


Kristin's Journey to Recovery 

A healthcare professional's recovery story from five years of constant, moderate to severe hip pain and knee pain

After two hip surgeries (labral tear repairs), one knee surgery (meniscectomy), and diligently following all standard medical advice, Kristin still found herself battling pain every day - until she learned to rethink her pain. 

Alex's Story

I sought out Helen after numerous Cardiologist appointments and tests to determine if there was something wrong with my heart. Out of nowhere I was getting palpitations, chest tightness, and even pain spikes all around my torso. I thought my heart was in danger. I also started suffering from severe heartburn and sour stomach. I felt like I was losing control over my life and panic attacks were becoming a default. After sitting down with Helen and going through all the details with her, she made it clear that my chronic symptoms were somatic.

I was manifesting emotional issues into physical symptoms because I was afraid to face them. This was new for me and I was not equipped to navigate it alone. In 13 sessions, I learned how to meditate and calm myself down during a panic attack. In addition, I was able to understand my general emotional patterns and grow comfortable with them. Helen taught me how to break the fear cycle of my symptoms, slow down, and address my feelings. It has been a tough road but extremely rewarding. I feel like I have my life back thanks to her. 

- Alex from Philadelphia, PA